17th International Sasha Mäkilä Conducting Masterclass in Helsinki

February 17-21, 2020
Helsinki Metropolitan Orchestra

Ten participants will get an intense masterclass experience over five days in Helsinki, Finland, working with maestro Sasha Mäkilä and the string section of the Helsinki Metropolitan Orchestra. The course consists of four rehearsals and a public concert at Koskela Church in Helsinki, as well as technique sessions together with our faculty pianist Taru Ritavesi every day before the rehearsal. Each participant will enjoy a minimum of 20 minutes daily podium time with the orchestra, plus the concert on February 21st. The focus of the masterclass will be conducting technique and communication skills with the orchestra. Participants are allowed to videotape all the sessions. Participants who are string players are also encouraged to bring their instrument and join the orchestra during the rehearsals as well as in concert.

There is an EARLY BIRD FEE of 1116 EUR total for those participants who register and pay the fee fully before Dec 31, 2019. Thereafter the course fee is 1240 EUR total, consisting of a 100 EUR reservation fee and the remaining 1140 EUR to be paid before or on the first day of the masterclass.

Each participant will take care of their travel and accommodation by themselves (there are plenty of hotels and hostels in the Helsinki area). There will be a limited number of places for passive participants who will be willing to play in the masterclass orchestra – ask!

We are accepting applications from this moment until all ten places are full. Send a free-form application to sasha@sashamakila.com and add a video link to your conducting if you haven’t applied for his masterclasses before.


Nielsen: Kleine Suite Op. 1
Respighi: Antiche danze ed arie
Borodin: Nocturno
Madetoja: Elegia

(more short pieces can be added to the program according to the participants’ wishes)


Piano sessions at Käpylä Music School, Taivaskalliontie 3
Orchestra rehearsals and final concert at Koskela Church, Käpyläntie 11


Mon Feb 17: At 12 registration at Taivaskalliontie, 13-15 piano session, 17-20 orchestra rehearsal
Tue Feb 18: 13-15 piano session, 17-20 orchestra
Wed Feb 19: 13-15 piano session, 17-20 orchestra
Thu Feb 20: 13-15 piano session, 17-20 orchestra
Fri Feb 21: dress rehearsal at 17, concert at 19, feedback session after concert

For more info, email sasha@sashamakila.com