21/07/2012 19.00 - 22.00

Olavinlinna Castle

Saturday, July 21, 2012, 19:00
FREE WILL – opera in two acts (world première)
Savonlinna Opera Festival (Finland)

Kuopio Symphony Orchestra
Sasha Mäkilä, conductor
Christian Juslin, tenor (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
Matias Tosi,  bass-baritone (Oscar Wilde)
Cynthia Hanna, mezzo-soprano (Joan of Arc)
Jennifer Rowley, soprano (Lucifer)
Danielle Pastin, soprano (Gazardiel / Azazel)

Free Will is about a fight between good and evil in the year 2012. God has had enough of all the misery and suffering in the world and has called a meeting of angels. They decide to send past geniuses back to the land of the living to make life better. Their purpose is to revolutionise art and science, and to establish peace on earth. The geniuses are Joan of Arc, Oscar Wilde and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. To assist them they have angels. Their opponents are a female Lucifer and giants.

The community has designed for the Olavinlinna Castle stage a visual world of 2012 reflecting political unrest, ongoing crises and the age-old fight between good and evil. Among the characters are a devil dressed as a woman, a world-famous Mozart look-alike pop musician and the Opera Festival chorus, sometimes speaking for the devil and at other times for God. Effects seldom seen in Olavinlinna Castle will be used in the visualisation.